Optical Flats

Product Announcement from Lapmaster-Wolters International

Lapmaster offers a wide range of Optical Flats that complement our Monochromatic Light source systems. Our Optical Flats (1-sided or 2-sided) are available in diameters starting at 1" and standard diameters go thru to 12". Larger Diameters are quoted upon request. We offer Fused Quartz as our primary material (best overall accuracy), although Pyrez and Zerodur materials are also offered. Concerning "specialty" product, sizes made to order with configurations such as squares, rectangles and donut shapes and custom thickness are available. Lapmaster also offers a service-life enhancing (scratch resistant) "hard coat" (deposition film) option for these optical flats. Two "after market" services provided are Surface Refinishing and ISO-9000 compliant Re-Certification/Inspection.