Automotive Ethernet Cables Keep People Safe

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WHITE PAPER: Ruggedized Ethernet Cables for Automobiles
The future of automobiles and how we drive is constantly changing and changing rapidly. The following white paper will highlight the importance of Champlain rugged Ethernet cables to help provide safety protocols throughout the automotive industry.

Most of us think automotive Ethernet is used to surf the internet or entertain the kids while on a road trip. While this may have been true in the past, Ethernet cables have evolved to create safer vehicles with more advanced technology. They provide a significant and important role in the development of today's automotive vehicles but the harsh automotive industry requires a rugged solution.

Automotive Ethernet Cables Keep People Safe
As automobile technology has advanced, so has the need for safety and fuel-efficiency. In fact, safety features, such as blind-spot detection and automatic braking, and fuel economy are major concerns for most automobile manufacturers. Plus, advanced safety features are the first step towards creating autonomous vehicles – an industry where automotive Ethernet cables will play a significant role.

In this white paper we will discuss:

  • The concept and functionality of Ethernet cables
  • Traditional Ethernet cable materials
  • Why rugged Ethernet cables are necessary for the automotive industry

Download Champlain Cable's Ruggedized Ethernet Cables for Automobiles White Paper

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