EcoWire®-better performance than PVC hook up wire

Featured Product from Lapp Tannehill

EcoWire is the latest innovation in hook-up wire. A true engineering breakthrough, EcoWire combines increased performance with a minimized environmental impact. EcoWire derives its advantage from modified polyphenylene ether insulation (mPPE). It is inherently lighter, tougher, and more durable than PVC.

EcoWire Plus with Improved Fluid Resistance Designed for industrial applications with exposure to oils and other hazardous fluids, our new EcoWire Plus offers all the environmental benefits and abrasionresistance characteristics of standard EcoWire—plus the additional fluid resistance for demanding factory apps. Meeting the fluid resistance of ISO 6722 for thin-wall and ultra-thin wall wire, EcoWire is an ideal thinwall replacement for XLPEinsulated wire. With up to 45% smaller diameter to save space and make routing easier, EcoWire Plus withstands oils, fuels, solvents, and other hazardous liquids.