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Featured Product from Lapp Tannehill

ETHERLINE® Industrial Ethernet Cables
LAPP’s ETHERLINE® product line includes a variety of cables, cord sets, and connectivity products.

UNITRONIC® Data & Communication Cables
LAPP’s UNITRONIC® data and communication cables offer reliable, fast, and innovative solutions for transferring data.

Automation Wire & Cable Solutions
Lapp Tannehill recognizes the importance of automation engineering, particularly in manufacturing and processing, and the critical role reliable cable technology plays in this evolving industry. We’ll help you find the right solution for your application and provide reliable products for the various processes in the automation industry, including wire and cable, industrial connectors, strain relief cable glands, and wire management.

Automation Product Applications

  • High Flexibility Applications
  • Factory Equipment Interconnects
  • Robotics
  • Machine Tools
  • Automotive Assembly Equipment
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Control Panels
  • Transfer Shuttles
  • Solar Farms
  • Automated Pick-and-Place Systems
  • PLC Controlled Equipment
  • Automated Handling Systems
  • Control & Monitoring Systems


Value Added Services from Lapp Tannehill
Our excellent customer service and value-added services are what sets Lapp Tannehill apart from other distributors. Our value-added services include wire striping and twisting as well as custom packaging per your specific requirements. Our expertise in inventory management will ensure that you have the right material at the right time.

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