Hybrid Cables Handle Servo Power and Feedback

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Hybrid Cables Handle Servo Power and Feedback
New Servo Cables Address Requirements of Hiperface DSL® Communications
Of all the components that make up an effective servo system, the power and signal cables don’t get much attention. Yet the cabling plays a big role in the system’s performance and lifecycle cost.

That role is about to get even bigger, thanks to an emerging digital communications interface for servo systems.

Called Hiperface DSL® by SICK, this new communications interface allows power and signal to share a single cable.This hybrid cable can drastically reduce the installation and maintenance costs associated with servo systems.

At the same time, the hybrid cable supports servo performance advantages related to Hiperface DSL’s robust handling of feedback signals, which includes transmission rates up to 9.375 MBaud at lengths up to 100 meters.

If you’ve spent any time designing servo systems, the entire notion of a hybrid cable may cause some concern.

Common engineering practice requires separate cables for motor power and feedback
signals to avoid problems with electrical noise and crosstalk.

The Hiperface DSL standard avoids these concerns—as long as you use the right kind cable.

Hybrid cables designed for the Hiperface DSL interface need to be carefully constructed to ward off electromagnetic noise and crosstalk between the power and signal conductors. The cables, which serve in demanding automation systems, also need to be durable....more...

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