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Medical Tubing
We carry a variety of TE medical heat shrink tubing that is designed for abrasion protection in medical instruments, insulation in laparoscopic electrosurgical devices, protection and insulation of highly flexible joints and as a processing aid for surgical and interventional applications.

Lapp Tannehill is your source for a variety of medical tubing, including products from TE Connectivity. With over 50 years of proven innovation advances in process technology, TE’s family of medical grade tubing products are useful in meeting various application requirements found in medical devices and components.

Applications for Medical Tubing

  • Abrasion Protection for Medical Instruments
  • Balloon and Stent Process Aid
  • Laparoscopic-Electrosurgical Device Insulation
  • Protection and Insulation of Highly Flexible Joints
  • Sterilization Versatility

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Choose Lapp Tannehill as your trusted distributor of medical wire, cable, tubing, and connectors. As a one-stop shop for medical device components, we help you save time and money searching for the right products and get you exactly what you need. We understand that you need the highest quality and most reliable components when designing medical devices, which is why we only offer quality medical components that meet medical industry quality standards.

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Automation Wire & Cable Solutions
Lapp Tannehill recognizes the importance of automation engineering, particularly in manufacturing and processing, and the critical role reliable cable technology plays in this evolving industry. We’ll help you find the right solution for your application and provide reliable products for the various processes in the automation industry, including wire and cable, industrial connectors, strain relief cable glands, and wire management.

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Lapp Tannehill is a wire and cable distributor that is an operating affiliate of LAPP. Our broad range of products from LAPP and other well-known manufacturers and suppliers offers solutions to a wide range of industries, including factory and industrial automation. With over 60 years of experience, Lapp Tannehill brings a lot to the table, including custom capabilities, value-added services, knowledgeable customer service, a superior quality system, and more. Learn more about how we can better serve you and your cable needs.