Secure & Reliable EPIC® Connectors

Featured Product from Lapp Tannehill

Industrial environments are not always clean and dry. They can involve physical damage, water, dirt, corrosives, and electromagnetic interference. Electrical connections can quickly degrade under these harsh environments if not properly protected.

That's where EPIC® steps in. Environmentally Protected Industrial Connectors.

All of Lapp's EPIC® connector housings are designed to provide a high degree of protection and satisfy requirements for IEC EN 60529 (IP rating) and NEMA 250 (NEMA rating) standards.

Power Applications:

  • Widest variety of specifications
  • Single- and three-phase AC power:1+N+PE, 3+PE, 3+N+PE
  • Voltage ranges up to 1000V
  • Current ranges up to 125A

Signal Applications:

  • Lower voltage & current
  • Digital or analog signals
  • Pneumatic
  • Very high contact density

Data Applications:

  • Ethernet, Profibus DP, USB, M8, M12, RJ45, D-Sub
  • Any bus cable up to 4 contacts plus shield
  • Remote access ports