High-Performance Switched-Socket Outlets

Product Announcement from Lapp Group

The EPIC® ULYSSE series of interlocked switched-socket outlets are ideal for indoor and outdoor power service on/off control. The range consists of North American (20, 30 & 60A) and international (16, 32 & 63A) models. These interlocked outlets can be mounted individually by using the integral mounting feet or as part of a multiple-unit distribution board assembly by utilizing the patented quick-mount support plate and a selection of wire connection junction boxes. The rugged, double-insulated thermoset plastic enclosure, internal fuse holder, and zinc-plated steel interlocking mechanism contribute to long-term operator safety. 

Quick & easy installation

Used individually, surface mounting is quickly accomplished using the four integral mounting feet. A patented quick-mount support plate (optional) allows multiple units to be assembled into a distribution panel. All socket outlets are provided pre-wired with stripped and numbered cables 70 cm long, eliminating the need to open the enclosure. This reduces installation time by up to 30%.

Thermoset plastic enclosure

The use of low smoke, low toxicity, halogen-free reinforced thermoset plastic ensures the highest possible dimensional stability and resistance to heat, chemical, and mechanical stress. A double-insulated design ensures that no electrical path exists from internal components to the outside of the enclosure. 

Double environmental protection (watertight)

All EPIC® ULYSSE switched-socket outlets carry both IP66 and IP67 protection ratings for watertight service against violent water jets as well as accidental immersion.

Mechanical interlock

The zinc-plated steel interlock mechanism guarantees electrical operation only when a plug is inserted into the outlet. Plug removal is blocked while power is turned on, eliminating arc-flash hazards

Ergonomic control with lockout

The unique semi-spherical control knob is easily operated even with a gloved hand. To prevent unauthorized operation, the knob can be padlocked in either the “on” or “off” position.

Direct motor control

Use of AC23A-AC3 category cam switches allows direct switching of motor and other highly inductive electrical loads and have a conditional short circuit rating of 10,000 amps.