Industrial Laser Welding Systems

Product Announcement from LaserStar Technologies Corporation

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LaserStar's 1900 XL Series Industrial Laser Welding Workstations are ideal for a wide range of metal joining, complex assembly, automation and repair applications for the worldwide marketplace. The XL body style provides an oversize laser welding workspace design coupled with high wattage output which is ideal for many different laser welding applications.

A removable laser welding chamber is designed to be custom configured for a wide range of laser welding applications. High precision motion devices are engineered to integrate into the laser welding chamber and enhance the systems production capabilities.

LaserStar Industrial XL Laser Welding Workstations are available in 60, 80. 100, 150 and 200 watt models and integrate a variety of optical viewing systems to meet the specific needs of our customer's applications.

Our commitment to electrical design efficiency ensures the highest level of hot-light energy transfer from the LaserStar source through the laser welding chamber. The result - a significant pulse energy advantage while offering end-users a custom configuration to meet their specific laser welding application requirements.

LaserStar Laser Welding Workstations are ideal for a wide range of complex alloys and applications including:

• Medical Device Components
• 300 Series Stainless Steel
• Aerospace and Electronics
• Nitonol, Titanium, Platinum
• Automotive and Micro Components
• Many Complex Alloys