Remote Power Panel - Series 70 eRPP

Product Announcement from LayerZero Power Systems, Inc.

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The LayerZero Series 70 eRPP is a web-enabled remote power panel that takes the reduced voltage from transformers and distributes this power directly to the individual critical operation. Inspired by NFPA-70E, the Series 70 eRPP remote power panel is ideally suited for today's high density always-on data-processing environments.

The Series 70 eRPP increases reliability in two ways:

  • Utilizes Finger-Safe Panel Board
  • Provides Selective Trip Coordination To 25kAIC

With its SafePanel™ advanced design, there are no live parts exposed when the deadfront is open and you can add a branch breaker in minutes. Selective tripping eliminates the catastrophic problems associated with the main circuit breaker opening when the branch breaker cannot handle the fault current.

The panel board of the eRPP is designed for maximum operator safety during live current installations with its fully enclosed molded plastic bus and non-conducting screws. Perfect for a raised-floor application, all feeder and branch connections can be installed & thermal scanned fully from the front.


  • Ideal for large data center or industrial applications
  • IP-20 SafePanel™ with isolated non-conducting screw
  • Branch circuit breakers open in less than 1/4 cycle
  • Selective Trip Coordinated up to 25kAIC
  • Waveform capture for 168 branch circuits (plus main)
  • Modbus/TCP, SNMP, http, VPN, and Bluetooth enabled

Electrical Configurations

  • Voltage Ratings: 208/120V, 4-Wire, 400/230V, 4-Wire, 415/240V, 4-Wire, 480/277V, 4-Wire
  • Current Rating: 225A (100% rated); or 400A (100% rated)
  • Two panel board (84 circuit) version with one or two main feeds
  • Four panel board (168 circuit) version with one, two or four main feeds
  • Panel Board Main Circuit Breaker is plug-in
  • Each Panel Board may be fed by two separate sources and may have two 4-pole main circuit breakers
  • Main Circuit Breaker is 100% continuous duty rated
  • Branch CB fault rating: 25kAIC at 208/120V, 14 kAIC up to 480/277V
  • Panel board main CB fault rating: 25kAIC standard


  • Insulated flexible bus
  • Compression connections at input feeder
  • Silver plated terminals
  • Machined cap screws & disc springs
  • Helicoil & PEM inserts
  • Fanless operation
  • Serialized circuit boards
  • "Black box" forensic diagnostics


  • IP-20, finger-safe panel board design
  • Dead-front hinged doors
  • Clear Translucent Polycarbonate window to show breaker position
  • NFPA 70E friendly


  • Ethernet
  • Bluetooth
  • Modbus/TCP
  • NTP time clock synchronization

Information Centricity

  • Branch circuit breaker level monitoring
  • Main circuit level monitoring
  • Access to eBOSS portal
  • Project tracking
  • Incident logging
  • Access to test reports & documentation

Agency Certification

  • The Series 70 eRPP is ETL listed to UL 60950
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