PTFE High Temperature Whirly Tank Nozzle

Product Announcement from Lechler, Inc.

PTFE High Temperature Whirly Tank Nozzle-Image

The Lechler PTFE High-Temperature Whirling nozzle was specifically designed for tank cleaning applications in high temperature settings (up to 274ºF) where PTFE material was required, such as in certain pharmaceutical situations. Whereas high temperatures would ultimately deform a regular PTFE tank cleaning nozzle, this free-spinning unit uses two Hastelloy® rings to control the expansion of the material under high temperatures so the nozzle can retain its shape and continue to operate normally.

Because of its resistance to high temperatures, the High Temperature Whirling nozzle is suitable for the low pressure spraying of steam. The slip-on model has been successfully tested with steam up to 30 psig @ 274ºF.

This nozzle performs just like a comparable PTFE Whirly. That is:

  • It can clean tanks up to 10' in diameter.
  • It cleans equally well under normal operating conditions.
  • It has a balanced rotating action so it can operate in every position.
  • Being made of PTFE material, it is self-lubricating as well as self-flushing.

Typical cleaning applications:

  • Small and medium-sized tanks
  • Vessels and reactors in high temperature processing environments
  • Spraying of corrosive materials
  • Steam cleaning


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