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The Lee Company offers a wide variety of Safety Screens designed to protect critical fluid control components from rogue contamination. These screens are not intended to serve as system filters.

Two general types are available, differing in their method of construction and pressure capability: Etched Screens and Machined and Drilled Screens.

Etched Screens

Photochemically etched from stainless steel bar stock that is formed and brazed to a base washer or insert locking end.

  • Simple, Economical Construction
  • Many Methods of Retention for Design Flexibility
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Hole Sizes from .004" to .020"

Drilled Hi Bar® Screens

Machined from solid bar stock, these Safety Screens feature an extremely robust, one-piece design that will not burst or collapse up to 7,500 psid, even when fully clogged.

  • Rugged, High Strength, One-Piece Design
  • No Burst or Collapse at 7500 psid Fully Clogged
  • Machined and Drilled from Solid Stainless Steel Bar Stock
  • High Contamination Carrying Capacity for Maximum Protection
  • Low Lohm, High Flow Capability
  • Over 150 Standard Versions for Design Flexibility
  • Hole Sizes from .002" to .020"

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