Lite Pressure Compression Springs

Product Announcement from Lee Spring Company

Lite Pressure Compression Springs -Image

Customers have requested the addition of more Type 316 Lite Pressure (TM) Compression Spring designs and Lee has responded with over two hundred new Stock product, bringint the offering in this unique product line to over 800 Stock items.

Customers frequently request compression springs with low spring rates that can accommodate their required diameters. Our catalog has always offered springs with relatively low spring rates, but often the diameters have been too small to provide the required pressure level or to satisfy assembly requirements.

Lee Spring's solution was the addition of a unique line of low pressure, high index Stock Springs designed to provide 1 to 5 psi in larger diameters.

Lite PressureTM Series Compression Springs are carefully packaged for ease of handling and to minimize tangling or distortion. Some common applications for theses soft springs can include: • Relief Valves • Check Valves • Pistons • Syringes • Motor Brushes • Dispensers • Contacts • Toys ...and many many more

The potential application range for the Lite PressureTM Series is so wide, we offer them only in Type 316 Stainless Steel to satisfy most potential requirements.

Lee Spring's Type 316 springs offer: • Improved corrosion resistance • Enhanced cleanliness through passivation and ultrasonic cleaning • Higher levels of product purity All Lee Spring Stock products are RoHS Compliant