New Metric REDUX Wave Springs

Product Announcement from Lee Spring Company

New Metric REDUX Wave Springs -Image

In response to global and domestic demand, REDUXTM Wave Springs are now available in over 350 new Metric Design. Lee's Inch REDUX offering has also increased to 375 designs.

Lee Spring's REDUX™ Wave Springs can be used in place of conventional round wire compression springs in applications requiring tight load deflection specification and where space is critical.


  • Great for space critical environments.
  • Generally occupies 30% to 50% of the compressed height of a comparable round wire spring, offering more deflection with same load specifications.

Provides space savings allowing for smaller assemblies using less materials and lowering production costs.

Lee Spring's REDUX™ Wave Springs are manufactured from a single filament of flat wire formed in continuous precise coils with uniform diameters and waves. Lee Spring offers a growing range of Stock REDUX™ Wave Spring designs in 17-7 Stainless as well as extensive custom design capabilities.

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