Leine & Linde’s New Thin Encoder

Product Announcement from Leine & Linde AB

Leine & Linde’s New Thin Encoder-Image

These new encoders feature a thin design and a large hollow shaft of up to 25.4 mm, allowing these encoders to often be mounted directly on a motor's shaft without an intermediate adapter for shaft reduction.

This direct mount contributes to minimizing the overall build length on a motor, and at the same time facilitates mounting. The 700 series rotary encoders are compact and robust.

Despite their compactness, these encoders are designed for the tough environments where typical Leine & Linde products are used. Mechanically, they feature a dual set of heavy duty bearings and a well-encapsulated enclosure. Electronically, they are built for reliability in tough environments where they are subjected to vibrations and electrical disturbances.

In order to provide an encoder solution optimized for any application, Leine & Linde offers a wide range of electrical interfaces to choose from such as TTL, 1VPP, HC HTL, HTL and RS422, each adapted to different frequencies, temperatures and cable lengths. On the mechanical side, Leine & Linde offers a multitude of different shaft variants that cover the market's standards for both inch- and millimeter-based dimensions.

The 700 series complements Leine & Linde's previous assortment of encoders for drives. With respect to robustness, it is positioned midway between Leine & Linde's established models in the 500 and 800 series. The 500 series covers the industry's standard options for Ø58 mm encoders, while the 800 series is larger and especially adapted for heavy duty applications.

For more information on these encoders, contact Jimmy Rago at HEIDENHAIN at (847) 519-4213 or write to HEIDENHAIN Corporation, 333 E. State Parkway, Schaumburg, IL 60173 or e-mail at jrago@heidenhain.com.

Leine & Linde is based in Sweden with exclusive North American distribution through HEIDENHAIN Corporation in Schaumburg, IL. Leine & Linde is well known for offering high quality, heavy duty encoders of both the incremental and absolute type, product robustness, and are designed to cope with the harshest of environments such as those with high vibration, dirt and cold temperatures. These heavy, severe duty encoders are suited for drive and measurement applications and are often found in industries such as pulp and paper, forest and wood processing, agriculture, aggregate and mining equipment.

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Image Available for Download at: http://www.heidenhain.us/Images/pr_images/700_Series.jpg