Robust Incremental and Absolute Encoders

Product Announcement from Leine & Linde AB

Robust Incremental and Absolute Encoders-Image

Leine & Linde manufactures robust incremental and absolute encoders and accessories. An incremental encoder is a type of sensor that is often installed on an electric motor and which is used to provide feedback on the motor's speed. Absolute encoders on the other hand are used to indicate an exact position for some kind of motion. The areas of application for these encoders vary considerably, and the products can be found in many different industries, for example in the paper, steel and wind power industries. Encoders are also regularly used in various types of measuring or testing systems.

Leine & Linde sets high quality requirements and works continuously on improvements in order to meet future demands for encoders. As a customer of ours, you will benefit from a product that is adapted specifically for your application. A robust encoder with a long lifetime and high quality down to the smallest detail. An encoder from Leine & Linde means that you can avoid unnecessary production stoppages. Find out about our unique range - and improve your profitability!