The 1000 series (Extreme) Encoder

Product Announcement from Leine & Linde AB

The 1000 series (Extreme) Encoder-Image

Within the steel industry there are many examples of environments in which there are extreme requirements in terms of robustness, mechanical forces, vibration and shock. For these types of applications we have designed the 1000 series, a range of encoders with exceptional durability that are able to withstand an exposed environment.

The high encapsulation level of IP67 protects the encoders' internal parts from dust and liquids.

This product is also available in a stainless steel design as a special option. A number of incremental and absolute versions are available, and a combination of the two encoder types can be integrated in the same product.

The absolute variants are available with interfaces for parallel communication, SSI, EnDat, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, DeviceNet™ and CANopen.