Shorten the Time to a Stable NDIR Measurement

Product Announcement from Leister USA

Shorten the Time to a Stable NDIR Measurement-Image

Some analyzers using non-dispersive infrared spectroscopy techniques can take a long time to reach temperature stability in the system.  Often it is because there is an inefficient IR source that is conducting significant thermal energy to the entire mechanical assembly that has a long thermal time constant.

 The thermal design of Leister’s Solid-State IR Source was focused on creating a light-weight filament that heated and cooled very quickly.  This design thus created:

  • Efficient Conversion of Input Power to Filament Temperature
  • Smaller thermal conduction losses

In this split image of the visible and IR view of the IR Source operation, you can see that the frame of the IR source and the packaging reach a temperature of < 50 C