2D Contoured Thermoplastic Welding

Product Announcement from Leister USA

2D Contoured Thermoplastic Welding-Image

With the Contour method the laser beam is shaped into a spot and traversed around the components being assembled. The laser light is delivered from the source through a fiber-optic cable. As the light is received in the optic head it is re-shaped and emitted from the aperture in a conical shape until reaching the desired spot size. A typical working spot size ranges between 0.6mm and 3mm. The laser spot is then traced around the predefined contour creating the desired weld pattern by either moving the component, the laser, or a combination of both. The melt zone is about 20% wider than the laser due to thermal expansion characteristics of the plastic. The welding volume remains comparatively small though the strength of the bond in the weld area equals that of the virgin material.

Characteristics and application:

  • Laser beam focused to a spot
  • High flexibility
  • Arbitrary 2D joining line
  • Ideal for frequent changes of component
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