Tube-Bending and Finishing Services

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Leonhardt Manufacturing specializes in producing fabricated tubular metal parts for applications requiring highly decorative, shiny, finely polished, and superbly finished end products.

OEMs including Harley Davidson depend on Leonhardt Manufacturing to deliver fabricated tubular products and welded assemblies that meet the highest quality standards in decorative metal finishes.

Decorative tubular products and welded assemblies from Leonhardt can combine CNC bent tubes, end forming, metal stampings, machined parts, and secondary processes with a variety of metal finishes including paint, powder coating, and decorative chrome. Professional metal finishes are assured through rigorous quality control, ISO certified manufacturing, and metal finishing processes that are second to none.

Custom decorative parts range from low volume specialty items to mass produced OEM components. Leonhardt engineers work with each client to understand a product's application and specifications. This understanding coupled with in-house product prototyping and engineering capabilities, assures Design for Manufacturability and Assembly (DFMA), and best Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VA/VE) for custom parts.

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