Case Study: International Food Equipment Company

Service Detail from Leyshon Miller Industries, LLC

Case Study: International Food Equipment Company -Image

The Project: Commercial food preparation machine

The Challenges: Metal-to-plastic conversion, quick-turn prototypes – from concept through production

The LMI Solution:

LMI engineers worked closely with their customer’s staff – a designer and manufacturer of commercial food processing and preparation equipment – to design components for one of its devices.

LMI designed parts and tooling that allowed their customer to utilize plastics in their manufacturing process for one of their products – taking multiple parts that were previously metallic and engineering plastic ones. LMI also used their vast experience to provide advice on material selection.

With LMI engineers utilizing their ingenuity while keeping in close communication with their customer’s engineers, LMI developed quick-turn prototypes that allowed the manufacturer’s engineering staff to quickly evaluate the designs.

Working together, LMI reduced its customer’s costs while putting in place a faster process – and that customer continues to utilize LMI’s design and manufacturing services today.