Rapid Turn Tooling

Service Detail from Leyshon Miller Industries, LLC

Rapid Turn Tooling-Image

LMI offers Quality Rapid Production Tooling Services with Aluminum and Steel Tools. Our in-house Rapid Tooling has reduced traditional lead times as well as cost.

LMI's cost-saving, quality-enhancing Rapid Turn Tooling features include:

    • Injection Tool Design
    • Mold Flow Analyses
    • In-house Tool Making
    • Aluminum and Steel
    • Injection Molds

We utilize the latest technology to make Rapid Tooling even better and even faster, saving you both time and money.

    • Our High-speed Machining and other advances have enhanced the process in order to make tools in one-third the time of conventional methods.
    • We utilize QC-7 Aluminum and P-20 injection molds along with silicon rubber, depending on the project needs. We can make short runs from 5 to more than 50,000 parts, since the tools can be made from different materials.
    • With Tooling and Molding under one roof, changes can be quickly made.
      We can provide Hardened Steel Tooling, and we manufacture tools to run at our facility as well as tools that run at injection molders across the U.S.