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Food And Pharmaceutical Lifts
The need to have ergonomic access to products and equipment is no different in the Food and Pharmaceutical industries than it is in many other sectors of the market. However, due to the nature of the environments in which work is performed, along with various regulations and guidelines, the Food and Pharmaceutical industries face unique challenges to create a safe and efficient workplace for their employees.

The primary concern is contamination of food products or drug ingredients. Trace elements left on a surface from moving products through the factory can lead to disastrous results for their customers and the company. In order to combat this, varying solutions of water and chemicals are used to frequently wash down any surface that comes into direct, or even indirect, contact with their products. Corrosion of ergonomic equipment can run rampant if not selected properly.

Lift Products offers a wide variety of stainless and semi-stainless equipment such that our customers in the food and pharmaceutical industries can achieve a value maximized solution that fits the needs of their specific application while balancing the associated costs. We can custom tailor a blend of corrosion resistant materials in the fabrication of our lifting equipment to help keep workflow in line with USDA recommendations and minimize the chance of repetitive motions injuries and increase worker efficiency.

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"Innovations in Ergonomics" aptly describes our guiding philosophy. The development of material handling products with the emphasis on ergonomics enables us to contribute to a reduction of injuries in the workplace. We are proud to be able to offer products that are ergonomically designed and, as a result, substantially increase productivity.