MXPDSR Reach Stackers

Featured Product from Lift Products, Inc.

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The MXPDSR walk behind reach stacker with power steering is an excellent value priced alternative to a sit-down or stand-up forklift. Ideal for material handling applications in which straddle legs would interfere with obstructions or limit load sizes and a short turning radius is desirable. The 23" of horizontal reach enables the MXPDSR to laterally place pallets in locations a standard straddle truck would not be able to access while maintaining a small footprint in comparison to a counter-balanced truck.

The MXPDSR can also be used for dock applications where semi-trucks need to be loaded and unloaded. It can lift and move pallets weighing up to 3,000 lbs to a maximum of 157" high. These heavy duty trucks come standard with integral 224Ah AGM batteries or can be upgraded to an industrial battery for extended operation times for those applications that frequently need to load, unload, transport and stack pallets across multiple shifts.

The high visibility I-beam mast of the MXPDSR, in combination with forward and back tilting, allows for accurate positioning of loads. With its compact chassis design and power steering abilities, the MXPDSR is able to maneuver in tight spaces that a traditional fork lift would be unable to. Featuring a ZAPI AC travel controller and AC drive motor, high torque is provided throughout the entire drive range.