Maxx-Jack MJE40 Pallet Truck

Featured Product from Lift Products, Inc.

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Pallet jacks are the workhorses of numerous industrial and warehousing applications. Many of the ergonomic innovations we manufacture would not be possible without a dependable pallet truck. It is with this understanding of the essential role the pallet jack plays that we offer the Maxx-Jack MJE40.

The Maxx-Jack MJE40 medium duty electric pallet truck has a 4,000 lbs capacity and is offered with either 22" or 27" wide forks.

The 85Ah AGM batteries provide up to 4 hours of run-time per charge and can be upgraded to 100Ah batteries for extended duty cycles. The ergonomic handle with reversing switch, horn and dual “butterfly” thumb controls are intuitive and allow for safe, accurate operation.