Electric Brushless Motors - Olympus

Product Announcement from Light Engineering

 Electric Brushless Motors - Olympus-Image

LE's Olympus Motors are the ideal solution for applications that require compact, efficient and power dense electric motors. Targeted for vehicular, industrial and military applications, Olympus motors offer LE's customers the most efficient electric motors across all speed ranges, and unlock the energy saving potential of variable frequencies. LE's Olympus motors today are deployed across electric vehicles and industrial machinery. Designed to meet major industry motor standard shaft and mount configurations:

  • Flange, face or foot mount; flying leads or connectors; preloaded bearing: our standard is a 2-bearing, preloaded system. Single bearing and other configurations available upon request.
  • IP-65 and other sealing options
  • TELC and TEFC cooling options
  • High efficiency available across a wide speed range
  • High torque density; continuous and peak
  • Feedback choices include halls, high resolution encoders and shaft resolvers
  • Thermistors on motor windings
  • Motor controller to match power requirement for best system compatibility for all motor models. Compatible with industry-standard variable frequency