Permanent Magnet Alternators

Product Announcement from Light Engineering

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LE's proven, patented design produces the highest efficiency alternator in the industry, which allows maximum power generation at low revolution speeds

Unique Construction - LE's patented design provides the assurance of consistent quality, dependable supply, short turnarounds and value. The high power density and torque in a relatively small standard NEMA frame size minimizes the space required and results in less weight compared to same power with other alternatives. The Class H insulation and brushless design ensures alternator integrity over a broad temperature range, giving the LESA longer life and reduced downtime.

Scalable Power Capabilities - The LESA is designed with the most demanding applications in mind to minimize your downtime and maximize your operating efficiencies. It comes in a wide range of output capabilities and a variety of market specific features.

High Efficiency - Average efficiency of 85% means lower internal operating temperature, resulting in longer life. The high efficiency of our patented design requires less engine RPM's and fuel to produce the high output required in the demanding military and emergency vehicle applications.

More power at a lower RPM

Power Dense - Delivers up to 10.5kW Continuous/14.5kW peak power; weighs 80 lbs.

Less Engine Power Required - Which means more engine power is available for other needs - the LESA provides over 25% greater On-Board Vehicle Power.

Copper Windings - Ensure high-performance with maximum surge capacity.

Liquid Cooled - Consistent temperature control in a variety of applications providing an efficient, durable, quiet operation.

Drop In Design - The LESA was designed to be an effective "drop in" to the current vehicle fleet. This allows for ease of installation in virtually any vehicle application requiring more power.

Stationary Field and Stator Windings - Rugged design that is less sensitive to vibration than standard alternators. Since there are no rotating windings, the design allows high speed operation up to 8,000 rpm.

MIL-STD-1275D - Tested to meet the demanding military standard for electrical systems in military vehicles.


Military & Emergency Vehicles: Military and Emergency vehicles require a large amount of power generation in order to operate and charge the many electrical devices that are onboard. The LESA was designed specifically to meet these power generation needs.

The LESA meets stringent military standards for reliability, endurance and power quality. With a small "footprint", lighter weight, and reduced heat emissions, our engineers will work closely with our clients to integrate power that's tailor made to suit an application.

?Reliability - The soft start characteristic eliminates voltage dips and reduces starting shock on motor couplings, gears and driven equipment, in turn reducing maintenance.

?Endurance - The totally enclosed LESA can stand up to a multitude of harsh environmental conditions.

?Power - The standard model delivers up to 10.5kW Continuous, 14.5kW peak power at 28V, up to 530 Amps.