Permanent Magnet Generators... Power Dense

Product Announcement from Light Engineering

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LE's Zeus Generators deliver higher power output from smaller sized machines. By leveraging amorphous irons technology, GenSmart generators have lower losses at the same or higher speeds, which results in greater wattage. Ranging from 4.5kW up to 40kW, LE GenSmart generators are ideal for auxiliary power units, charging systems for hybrids and automotive alternators.

  • Designed to meet major industry standard shaft configurations
    • Preloaded bearing: our standard is a 2-bearing, preloaded system
    • Flange, face or foot mount
    • Flying leads or connectors
    • IP-65 and other sealing options (IP-67 available)
  • DC generator systems with high efficiency available across a wide voltage range
  • Variable speed capable (3:1 range) AC inverter systems for grid parallel or grid isolated operation
  • High power density - continuous and peak
  • Thermistors on windings
  • Electronic inverter systems incorporating
    • fault protection
    • protective relays
    • enhanced motor starting capability
    • industry standard power quality