LightStar™9X Signal Module

Product Announcement from LightGuard Systems, Inc.

LightStar™9X Signal Module-Image

LightGuard Systems newest technology is our 9X LightStar™ signal module. Each signal head module contains an acrylic prism placed in front of the LED lamps. This lens prism surface is sealed in place and buffed to a smooth finish clear finish. Each signal head light module contains 16 LED lamps, available in amber, red, and white with bi-colored options.

This new model features a watertight cable connector, solid-state electronics, potted sealing of the LED modules isolating electronic components from environmental moisture intrusion. The Debris Free™- Self Clearing Design eliminate most issues relating to lens blockage.

A Patent Pending method using Dove Prism™ Technology eliminates voids inside the signal head enhancing the rugged reliability of the unit. The new Systems 9 LightStar™ model virtually eliminates moisture intrusion and will operate under water without becoming disabled.

Typical IRWL system use employs several signal heads on both side of the crosswalk using Enlighten1™ flash rate, operating at a 50% duty cycle. The flashing light beam can be easily seen in daylight from 200 to 600 feet or more away, and at night up to 1,500 feet or more away.

The signal head module is designed to tightly fit into the protective base plate. It is easily connected to the electrical cable system wires with snap together, watertight connectors. The interior is designed with double redundancy to further isolate the LED modules from roadway moisture and corrosive intrusion.

The signal head unit is fastened to the base plate with stainless steel socket head .25"-20 screws with thread locks, anti-seize compound applied to the threads in the factory.

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