Smart Crosswalk System

Product Announcement from LightGuard Systems, Inc.

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The System
The Smart Crosswalk™ In-Roadway Warning Light (IRWL) enhanced crosswalk system is designed to alert approaching motorists to the presence of a pedestrian at a street crossing. A number of in-pavement signal lights are placed across a roadway in front of crosswalk lines. The lights are activated by the pedestrian either by manual push button or automatic sensor activation, before entering the crosswalk. Once activated, the flashing lights are directed towards approaching drivers warning that the crosswalk zone is occupied and that caution should be exercised.

Proven Highly Effective Enhanced Flash Rate
Developed in cooperation with the University of California Vision Detection Laboratory, U.C. Berkeley, our proprietary flash rate uniquely captures the motorist attention with a higher degree of efficiency than standard 50% on/off duty cycle typically used. It was designed to capture the primitive response reflex action of the human eye and increase the potential for the motorist to recognize and react.

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)
Beginning in 1994 numerous stringent third party studies and testing procedures using LightGuard System Inc.® technology successfully culminated in the acceptance of IRWL enhanced crosswalk systems into the Federal Highway Administration MUTCD. The Millennium 2000 edition adopted IRWL enhanced crosswalk systems into Section 4L, and they have been adopted as a standard across the United States. For more information view MUTCD.

United States Utility Patent Position
Michael A. Harrison, CEO of LightGuard Systems Inc.®, invented IRWL enhanced crosswalk systems in 1992. In 1993 we received the Federal Highway Administration's authorization to experiment and in 1994 incorporated the company. In May of 2002 LightGuard Smart Crosswalk™ System received U.S. Utility Patent #6,384,742 B1 for a "System of lights that are embedded in the roadway at crosswalks." We also hold two additional in-pavement signal lights patents for signalized traffic intersections and railroad grade crossings.

Traffic Signal Enhancement (TSE)™
These IRWL systems are used at signal intersections where red light running tends to be problematic with high levels of injuries and accidents. The TSE™ is a "pro-active" approach to reducing red light running, as opposed to the reactive camera punishment after "running the light." However the two systems together can work "hand in hand" to increase compliance at signalized intersections.

Currently the TSE™ approach is considered "experimental." We are in fact seeking cities interested in further experimenting and developing concept analysis which will lead ultimately to Traffic Signal Enhancement's inclusion into the MUTCD as a standard practice.

The TSE system utilizes the Smart Crosswalk™ signaling system with bicolored amber/red In-Roadway Warning Lights (IRWL). The in-pavement signal modules are placed at the center of each lane facing the approaching motorist. They are synchronized to mirror the amber and red phase of the traffic signal.
Increase In Compliance

This has proven to increase compliance in stopping by an astonishing 70 percent! Motorists were also observed increasing the distance from the stop bar, and stop bar incursions were reduced. For more information view LightGuard TSE.

The TraxAlert™ Enhanced Highway/Rail Crossing Warning System
Enhancing railroad-grade crossings with our in-pavement signaling system, called the TraxAlert™, will greatly improve motorist-crossing safety. According to the US DOT there are 240,528 at-grade highway-rail crossings in the United States. Even with gates and signal lights, nearly 50% of vehicle-train collisions occur at crossings with these active warning devices.

As the train enters into the crossing zone, the signaling system is activated. The "advance" in-pavement warning lights begin flashing in a warning amber-colored light, and the rail crossing lights are flashing in red. Then as the train enters the nearer intersection-crossing zone, the flashing changes to steady red at the crossing

The TraxAlert™ in-pavement signal light combination of 1) advance amber warning IRWL's, 2) the ActiveWarning™ LED enhanced RR crossing sign, and 3) at-grade IRWL's should prove to be an effective system for reducing the unwanted accidents that occur on a regular basis at railroad crossings across the country.

If railroad-crossing gates are utilized, the TraxAlert™ system can be synchronized and used in conjunction with the lowering of the gate. For more information view LightGuard TraxAlert.

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