Analog Ambient Light Sensor : LIM-ATS2

Featured Product from Light in Motion LLC

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Light in Motion is offering the LIM-ATS2 : an analog output ambient light sensor in a miniature low profile surface mount package.

The LIM-ATS2 is ideal for the design of lighting control systems operating with a fixed light threshold.

The active element is a phototransistor coated with an optical filter, resulting in a spectral response close to that of the human eye.

It takes only a load resistor to develop an output voltage proportional to the incident light level. This output can then be digitalized to constitute an input to a controller, or it can be compared to a reference level and generate an ON/OFF signal.

Its extremely small footprint and low profile make its insertion in small modules particularly easy.

The LIM-ATS2 has been designed  for automatic lighting control systems such as:

Residential and Commercial space lighting control

Street lighting control

Garden lighting control

Outdoor signboards brightness control


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