HOAxxx series EOL: LIM 's replacement line up

Featured Product from Light in Motion LLC

Light in Motion offers replacement for EOL Transmissive Sensors HOAxxxx as listed in the cross reference table. Please contact us to determine a suitable replacement.  

Light in Motion currently offers a portfolio of high performance, high reliability hermetic LEDs and Photosensors, as well as photointerrupters. Those Photointerrupters (Transmissive Sensors) are capable of withstanding operating temperature up to 100C and are RoHS compliant. They come in various output configurations : Transistor output, Darlington output, or Photologic output (Integrated Schmitt trigger). 


Take the FEAR out of End of Life announcements affecting your design and Bill of Materials! Light in Motion’s IR LED and Sensor specs and engineering support are available NOW for qualification samples followed by pricing, customer service and delivery SECOND TO NONE!" 


"Infrared Optoelectronics in Not a Distraction to Light in Motion- Insure the long term health of your product designs- Don't let an EOL Announcement be anything more than an Opportunity in Quality and a Long Term Interest in YOU!