1X4 / 4X1 Latching Optical Switch Module

Featured Product from Lightwave Link, Inc.

 1X4 / 4X1 Latching Optical Switch Module-Image

This 1×4 / 4×1 OSW Module has 1 Input Port, 4 Output Ports or 4 Input Ports, 1 Output port. The Module is controlled by a set of electrical connections. Electrical feedback will be provided by the Module indicating which state the optical switch is in. Lightwave Link Inc. 1×4 / 4×1 OSW Module fully complies with RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC (2008/385/EC).

Key Features

Compact Size 
Low Insertion-Loss 
Fast Switching Speed 
Built-In position monitoring 
Latching Type available 
RoHS Compliance