2X2 Non-Latching Optical Switch

Featured Product from Lightwave Link, Inc.

2X2 Non-Latching Optical Switch-Image


Lightwave Link Inc. 2x2 optical switch (OSW) provides channel selection between a pair of input fibers and output fibers. The switch is a compact device suitable for a wide range of applications; for example, optical networking system protection, measurement system, route diversity, reconfigurable add/drop module. Lightwave Link Inc. 2x2 optical switch fully complies with RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC (2008/385/EC).

Key Features

Smallest Size
Low Insertion-Loss
Fast Switching Speed
PCB Mountable
Available in Single Mode / Multi Mode
RoHS Compliance


Optical network protection and restoration
Optical network monitoring
Reconfigurable add/drop multiplexers
Transmission equipment protection
Research and development
Wavelength router