Frameless Absolute Encoders for Cobots

Featured Product from Lika Electronic

Lika Electronic offers a wide range of standard housing and frameless high-resolution encoders for robots. They are designed to fulfill accurate position and speed feedback requirements and meet the current trends in advanced industrial robotics. AMM8A optical kit encoder is among the latest innovations.

From robots to cobots
Do you have big and heavy robots confined behind a safety fence in your mind? It is an outdated thought, forget it. The world of robots is expanding rapidly into the automation industry and transforming the manufacturing processes. Meanwhile robots evolve and a new generation of devices is succeeding: collaborative robots (cobots) are boosting the market today. Industry requires smaller, light, flexible and safe devices designed to work alongside humans on the factory floor. They afford lower cost and easy programmability by average personnel and are able to provide accurate diagnostic and maintenance information.

Encoders for robotics
Encoders for robotics from Lika Electronic are designed to meet this trend. They are compact with minimum footprint, low profile and also frameless construction in most cases in order to be integrated directly into motors and confined spaces. Mechanical and electrical characteristics (thru-bore diameter, PCB shape and size, resolution, interface, type of connection, etc.) can be customer-specific to perfectly fulfill individual and evolving requirements of such varied market.

AMM8A: the advantages
AMM8A emphasizes all the above-mentioned features.
AMM8A is an optical multiturn encoder in a small modular design (kit encoder).
It comes in a very compact and flat frameless package (only 25 mm / 0.984" thickness) ideally suited for installation in constricted space. This hollow shaft model offers a large internal diameter (25 mm / 0.984" through hollow bore) and enables contactless mechanics without integral bearings, thus it is unaffected by wear, friction, fatigue and mechanical stresses. The mounting and calibrating tools provided by Lika simplify the assembly process and reduce it to few seconds.
Designed for demanding motion control applications, AMM8A provides high resolution up to 20 bits singleturn (1,048,576 counts per rev.) and 16,384 revolutions (up to 34 bit overall resolution). Furthermore the real multiturn does not require battery or counter. An additional incremental track further yields 1,024 Sine Cosine 1Vpp signals per revolution for speed feedback.

Advanced monitoring functions
The communication interface is the proven BiSS C-mode with standard features such as preset and counting direction. In addition to position information this encoder can output also speed information or acceleration information. Diagnostic tools are a step ahead: the supervisor executes advanced monitoring functions in order not only to show process counters and possible signal errors, but also to preventively warn about a deterioration in the performances of the encoder and the installed components (such as the LEDs or the disk).

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