Tough, thin and smooth - ExoPro coatings

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ExoProTM coatings are cost-competitive as compared to traditional HVOF and HVOF coatings, environmentally-compliant as an alternative to hard chrome, perform better than hard chrome, and are tougher than standard HVOF/HVAF.

The coating is deposited with a very low surface roughness as compared to traditional high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) and high velocity air fuel (HVAF) systems. This feature lowers the processing costs for finished part.

They are REACH-compliant, suitable alternatives to replace hard chrome with no hydrogen embrittlement concerns.

After multiple tests, ExoPro coatings have proven to perform better than hard chrome in corrosion and wear tests. ExoPro coatings do not have hard chrome's micro-cracking features, thus extending corrosion protection. Carbides have traditionally provided better wear protection versus hard chrome.

They are tougher than standard HVOF/HVAF coatings, and they have a higher strain tolerance.

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