Fully dense, hard and tough - ExoShield coatings

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ExoShieldTM coatings are fully dense, hard and tough, providing best-in-class corrosion and wear protection with exceptional finishability to less than 0.01 μm/0.05 μin Ra values.

They are fully dense, providing superior corrosion protection at high temperatures. No sealant is required and ExoShield tungsten carbide coatings are usable up to 535°C/995°F. The coatings are ideal for valves and other applications that require a gas-tight solution.

They offer best-in-class wear protection due to virtually no porosity, and low binder contents. The coatings also contain low oxide levels, yielding higher strain tolerance as compared to traditional HVOF coatings. The coatings are ideal for sliding contact applications.

They can achieve mirror finishes like hard chrome while retaining the smoothness and gloss for long periods due to the coatings' fine carbide structure and density.

They are REACH-compliant and suitable alternatives to replace hard chrome when better performance properties are required.

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