CIRRUS® Vapor Emission Control Systems

Product Announcement from Linde North America, Inc.

Linde's CIRRUS® Vapor Emission Control systems remove volatile organic compounds (VOC) from process gases through cryogenic condensation technology. CIRRUS borrows its technology from Linde's patented and highly-successful CUMULUS® Fluid Temperature Control systems.

Cryogenic condensation technology is most suitable for process gases with a VOC concentration of 1% or higher and a flow rate of 500 scfm or lower. The higher the concentration and/or lower the flow rate, the more economical the technology becomes. The equipment is reliable, repeatable, and typically offers VOC removal efficiencies of 99+%.

Vapor Emission Control - Standard Design

Units sold to North American customers are fully "Americanized" featuring ANSI flanges, ASME pipe and exchangers, Allen Bradley SLC500 series control panels, and the customer's choice of NEC rating. Automatic electric heat tracing is standard to allow for quick and easy defrosts. Linde manufactures three standard CIRRUS® models with varying capacities.

Vapor Emission Control - Reliability

A CIRRUS VEC system is easy to start up and shut down. It is operated by a PLC that ensures the selected emission level is kept constant, regardless of variation in gas flow, pressure, temperature, or level of solvents in the process gas.

The CIRRUS VEC system is easy to operate with a user-friendly, push-button control panel featuring a continuous graphical display of the customer's process.

Vapor Emission Control - Product Literature

Vapor Emission Control (PDF 681 KB)

Fluid Temperature Control (PDF 628 KB)

Emission Control Equipment (PDF 2.58 MB)