CRYOCLEAN®snow –CO2 blasting without pellets.

Product Announcement from Linde North America, Inc.

CO2 based Cleaning


In the CRYOCLEAN® process, carbon dioxide snow of -108°F ( -78°C) is blasted at high velocity onto the surfaces of the workpiece (component) to be cleaned. On impact, the dry ice immediately vaporizes, removing dirt and impurities while leaving the cleaned surface clear of grit or sludge residue. CRYOCLEAN snow blasting is a fast and dry cleaning process that has often replaced corrosive or aggressive solvents in many industrial and environmental cleaning applications.

CRYOCLEAN Snow: CO2 Blasting without Pellets.

Wherever gentle but efficient cleaning is necessary, CRYOCLEAN®snow offers new possibilities. CO2-snow particles are directly generated out of liquid carbon dioxide. Pressurized air will accelerate these particles. Many contaminations will be removed by highly effective surface treatment.

Contaminants are efficiently removed in operations that can be manual or fully automated. However, in contrast to traditional pellet blasting no pellets and pelletizer are required. Applications include:

Cleaning of tools and molds from releasing agents, oils, residues

  • injection-, polyurethane-, silicone- and rubber molds
  • aluminum, steel and epoxy castings

Cleaning of machines and plants

  • production lines, machine tools and robots
  • food equipment, ovens and conveyors
  • printing machines
  • bio and medical production equipment

Cleaning of parts and components

  • engineered fabrics
  • plastic, foam and rubber parts
  • aluminum, brass and steel parts

Pre- and post treatment for welding and brazing operations Pretreatment for painting operations

  • plastic, foam and rubber parts
  • aluminum, brass and steel parts

Cleanup of fire damage

  • electronics, printed circuit boards and switch cabinets

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