New CRYOLINE XF High performance spiral freezer

Product Announcement from Linde North America, Inc.

Linde North America's CRYOLINE® XF cross flow hygienic spiral freezer provides step change increases in production and reductions in cryogen costs

Concept: The CRYOLINE®XF is a high-performance spiral freezer built for relatively large production capacities. The patented CRYOLINE®XF technology delivers twice the heat transfer rate of standard cryogenic spiral freezers, making it twice as powerful. In addition, the CRYOLINE®XF has a smaller footprint, a higher production capac­ity and a higher ef?ciency than existing cryogenic spiral freezers.

The CRYOLINE®XF is the perfect choice for a wide range of high-quality food products: meat proteins, ready meals, seafood, bakery products etc. It is suitable for the most dif? cult high-temperature and high-moisture products, such as cooked poultry, seafood and prepared meals. Freezing with cryogens allows for a very low operating temperature and thus a very fast freezing action. This preserves the quality and shape of the prod­uct, and provides increased product yield.

Refrigerant: The CRYOLINE®XF technology employs either nitrogen or carbon dioxide as cryogenic medium, which ensures maximum ef?ciency.

Operation: The CRYOLINE®XF uses an advanced cross-?ow technology which substantially reduces freezing time and impro­ves cryogen ef?ciency while reducing overall freezer size. It provides twice the heat transfer rate of conven­tional spiral freezers, by covering nearly 100 % of the belt freezing surface area with a high-velocity gas ? ow. The very high heat transfer rate correlates with a high operating ef?ciency as the freezer can be operated at warmer temperatures. Steady-state losses are minimized due to the reduced overall size (50 % less stainless steel to be cooled down).


Hygiene: All CRYOLINE® freezers are designed for hygiene and ease of sanitation. The simplicity of the design enables the customer to maximize productivity by reducing cleaning and maintenance downtime. Meeting or even exceed­ing the latest, very strict food hygiene regulations, the CRYOLINE®XF is designed to ensure food safety and sani­tation simplicity. Made from laser-cut stainless steel, with sloped, solid surfaces, rounded corners and polished welds that simplify wash-down, it enables total accessibility to all internal parts and areas, thus saving time and money. Moreover, the freezer has a built-in self-cleaning belt washer system. CIP ("clean-in-place") optional.