SOLVOX® Oxygenation Water Treatment Solutions

Product Announcement from Linde North America, Inc.

Linde's environmental solutions can be found throughout the water cycle, from drinking water to waste water to even ponds, lakes, and streams. Linde's SOLVOX® series of equipment is an efficient means to dissolve oxygen in various applications during water treatment processes.

The Solvox I, shown in the picture on the right, is a venturi jet mixer that allows high oxygen dissolution in a small size foot print. The Solvox B diffusion hoses are an economical solution for those customers having sporadic or short term oxygen requirements.

Water Treatment - Drinking Water

While over 95% of municipal drinking water plants still use chlorine for disinfection, ever-tightening EPA rules -- such as a reduction in the level of trihalomethanes and elimination of Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts -- make the use of chlorine impossible and are causing utilities to look more closely at ozone. Ozone also has the distinct advantage of producing truly odorless and tasteless drinking water. When oxygen is used as a feed source to an ozone generator, it can greatly increase the ozone concentration of an existing generator, or reduce the size of a new one when compared to an air feed.

Water Treatment - Waste Water Treatment

In biological waste water treatment, microorganisms need oxygen for respiration. Pure oxygen is commonly used to improve aerobic activity, increase DO levels, and reduce unpleasant odors in waste water plants as compared to using air. Oxygen is used in cases of overloaded purification plants, possibly making costly conventional expansion of treatment plants unnecessary. Oxygen can also prevent the formation of hydrogen sulfide in buffer tanks, lagoons, piping and sewerage systems, which in turn controls odors and eliminates pipe corrosion. Treating discolored waters or chemical effluents with ozone can ensure that effluents satisfy the legislative COD requirements.

Water Treatment - Streams, Ponds & Lakes

Fish deaths due to massive algae growth caused by the eutrophication of rivers and lakes can be avoided through controlled oxygenation with pure oxygen. Through the safe use of carbon dioxide, permissible pH limits can be accurately achieved with improved process control.

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