Current Regulating Diodes - SMT and Thru-Hole

Product Announcement from Linear Integrated Systems, Inc.

Current Regulating Diodes - SMT and Thru-Hole-Image

J500 / SST500 Series Surface Mount and Thru-Hole Current Regulating Diodes


  • Nominal Current from 0.192mA to 5.6mA
  • Operation from 1 to 50 Volts
  • +/- 20% Tolerance
  • Excellect Temperature Stability
  • 2 or 3 lead Current Source
  • No Biasing is required
  • No Power Supply required
  • Ideal for Current Limiting and Constant Current Applications seeking a low part count solution
  • Ideal for low power applications
  • Available in Thru-Hole TO-92 2 lead, and Surface Mount SOT-23 3 lead packages
  • Available with special testing to customer specification
  • Direct Replacement for Siliconix J500 and SST500 Series
  • Instant Availability


  • Constant Current Supply
  • Current Limiting
  • Battery-Low Voltage Circuits
  • Timing Circuts


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