NPN and PNP Monolithic Dual Transistors

Product Announcement from Linear Integrated Systems, Inc.

NPN and PNP Monolithic Dual Transistors-Image

LS310(NPN)and LS350(PNP) Series Monolithic Dual Transistors


  • Low Offset/Tight Matching Monolithic Dual (0.5 to 3mV versions)
  • High Gain (100 to 400 Beta versions)
  • Tightly Matched Monolithic Dual (1-15mV versions)
  • High Breakdown Voltage (25 to 60 Volt versions)
  • Low Capacitance (cob=2pf)
  • Designed for Low Offset, High Gain, Low drift amplification
  • Available in Surface Mount SOIC 8 lead and SOT23 6 lead packages
  • Also available in Tested Die, PDIP 8, TO-71 6, and TO-78 6 lead packages
  • Available with special testing to customer specification
  • Replacement for Analog Device MAT01, MAT02 series and Intersil IT120, IT130 series
  • Instant Availability


  • Audio Amplifiers
  • Current Mirrors
  • Differential Amplifiers
  • Discrete Operational Amplifiers
  • Front End Amplifiers
  • Instrumentation Amplifiers


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