Clipper - Single, Momentary foot switch

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Clipper - Single, Momentary
Splash Resistant • Corrosion Resistant(Available)

Purpose: medium duty general purpose design

Features & Benefits
  • Proven Reliability
  • All maintained models offer "Push On-Push Off" action that insures long trouble-free performance
  • 2 holes provided for rigid mounting to floor or equipment


  • Constructed of Cast Iron for longlife
  • Non-skid base pad
  • Adjustable Strain relief connector
  • Durable black finish
  • Model 632-DA can be used to control lighting
  • Model 638-S features a cast aluminum housing painted Alert Orange with a splash resistant interior switch


  • The wide treadle models offer a large seven inch target for the operator's foot
  • Available protective vinyl cover that can be applied over our Clipper. This boot is available in Black or Bright Orange, and provides additional protection to the foot switch from limited amounts of liquid, dust, dirt, mud and snow
  • AirVal models available
  • Heavy gauge steel guard available


The leading global provider of medical and industrial foot controls

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Linemaster gives you a competitive edge. 
We are the only foot control company in the world to hold FDA 510(k) Clearance on a wireless foot switch. Whether you need a standard foot switch made at the highest quality or a custom foot switch engineered to meet your demanding specifications, Linemaster is the number one source for medical grade foot controls. Highly engineered foot controls, FDA-cleared capabilities, innovative and flexible design: it is by no mistake that Linemaster is the leading foot switch manufacturer in the world. We reached this status by focusing solely on what we do best: foot controls.

A Linemaster foot control is designed and manufactured with medical applications in mind. Die-hard, engineered robustness is at the heart of every foot control, but we do not overlook aesthetics and ergonomics. Stability does not come just from weight or immobility. Linemaster’s products are specifically engineered to stay in place during use, yet they are light enough to respond to a softer touch and be easily repositioned to an optimal location for the user. Features like a toe loop holster can be incorporated into the design to allow the user to move the foot control with their foot thereby keeping hands free and sterile. Linemaster merges the absolute best combination of fit, form, and function with aesthetically pleasing and complimentary industrial design on all of our medical grade foot controls.
A Linemaster foot switch is not only a beautiful extension of the technology it controls, but also of the medical professional who operates it. A foot control is the “user interface” of its corresponding equipment. The equipment connected to the foot control may be superior, but if the user interface (foot control) is not of equal or greater quality, the user experience will not be positive. User interfaces must be of the highest quality and technology to make equipment perform at top levels. This is where Linemaster shines.