L75/120LT (DIL) 8 Sample Dilatometer

Product Announcement from Linseis Inc.

L75/120LT (DIL) 8 Sample Dilatometer -Image

The Linseis dilatometer L75/120LT was developed to measure the expansion of polymer samples. Hereby up to 8 different samples can be measured simultaneously in a temperature range of -40°C up to +160°C. To cover the temperature range a commonly available climate chamber is used that incorporates a cooling generator and a heat source. The measuring sensors are mounted on top of the heat chamber and connect through a hole into the chamber. The complete arrangement is airtight, in order to avoid the intrusion of humidity into the measuring chamber. It is possible to insert inert gas into the measuring chamber. The temperature measurement is done by means of 4 type K thermocouples which are hanging always between 2 samples.

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