L75H Series Vacuum Sealed Horizontal Dilatometer

Product Announcement from Linseis Inc.

L75H Series Vacuum Sealed Horizontal Dilatometer-Image

The horizontal research Dilatometer series L75H was developed to meet the demands of the research laboratories worldwide including ceramics and steel industry applications. This line of Dilatometers is capable of measurements under vacuum, oxidizing and reducing atmospheres (except 2000°C graphite furnace).

A special rate controlled sintering software L75/RCS was developed to measure the Sintering behavior.

The following physical properties can be measured:

  • CTE
  • Linear Thermal Expansion
  • Alpha Physical
  • Sintering Temperature
  • Phase Transformations
  • Softening Points
  • Decomposition Temperatures
  • Glass Transition Temperatures


  • Vacuum tight Remote Automatic zero adjustment of LVDT
  • Automatic pressure control with digital display
  • A variety of sample holders made of quartz, Al2O3, graphite
  • Rate Controlled Sintering Software RCS

Download L75H Series brochure for more details.