Linseis Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer

Product Announcement from Linseis Inc.

Linseis Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer-Image

The LINSEIS STA PT1000 (simultaneous thermal analysis) can be used to determine simultaneous changes of mass (TG) and caloric reactions (HDSC) of a sample in the temperature range RT to 1000°C.

The unique characteristics of this product are highest precision; resolution and long term drift stability.

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  • Top Loading sub microgram balance
  • Temperature range RT up to 1000°C
  • Exchangeable measuring systems TG, TG/DTA and TG/DSC
  • Prepared for automatic sample handler
  • FTIR and MS coupling is already prepared


  • System: STA - PT1000
  • Temperature Range: RT - 1000°C
  • Heating Rate; 100K/min
  • Cooling Rate: 1000-100°C 15 min
  • Atmosphere: Inert, Oxid., Red.


  • Measuring Range: 1, 5, … 10g
  • Resolution: 0.5µg
  • RMS Noise: <1µg


  • Resolution: 0.3, 0.4, 1µW**
  • RMS Noise: 4, 6, 17.5µW**
  • Thermocouples: E, K, S, B


  • DTA Sensitivity: 0.05µV
  • Coupling: MS/FTIR

* depends on Sensor

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