PHE Low Cost Ink Jet Recorders

Product Announcement from Linseis Inc.

PHE Low Cost Ink Jet Recorders-Image

The PHE offers low-cost inkjet recording in one and two channel models. Continuous analog trending on the same axis with no phase shift.

The PHE has many digital printing capabilities such as periodic data, scale line, alarm condition, thermocouple burnout, and parameter printing.


  • Inkjet Printing Technology Without Physical Contact with the Paper
    • Eliminates mechanical wear and provides crisp, color recordings

  • Low-Cost
    • Meets your budgetary demands

  • Available in One- or Two-Channel Continuous Trace
    • More capabilities your application demands

  • Continuous Analog Trending on the Same Axis
    • Without the phase shift syndrome exhibited by conventional pen recorders

  • Many Digital Printing Capabilities
    • Periodic data, scale line, alarm condition, burnout, and parameter printing

  • Built with Polymer Plastic Mold Technology
    • The recorder is lightweight and durable

  • The PHE Offers Many of the Features Found in Higher-Priced Instruments
    • You get more recorder for your dollar

  • Three-Year Warranty
    • Protects you from manufacturing defects

Download Detailed Datasheet

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