Automotive Fuses, Sensors and Semiconductors

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Since inventing the first automotive fuse in 1930, Littelfuse has partnered with carmakers on circuit protection solutions that have become the industry standard. Browse our full line of Automotive products

Littelfuse portfolio of AEC-Q101 (TVS Diodes and Diode Arrays) and AEC-Q200 (Varistors, Multi Layer Varistors and PPTCs) qualified components help to protect the growing number of electronic applications in modern vehicles. From ultra low capacitance Diode Arrays for ESD protection of high speed signal lines including CAN bus, USB 2.0 and BroadR
Reach, to our high surge formulation AUMOV Varistors, Littelfuse has the solutions and expertise to match your technical and application challenges.

Automotive Circuit Protection Applications Matrix

Examples of automotive applications and approved TVS Diodes & Diode Arrays

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
• Night Vision
• Pedestrian Avoidance
• Lane Departure Sensing
• Adaptive Cruise Control
• Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Communication
• Interior Camera - Driver Monitoring
• Exterior Camera - Front View
• Exterior Camera - Rear View Park Assist
• Blind Spot Detection
• Side Impact Assist

Communication & Infotainment Systems
• Radio
• Power Audio
• GPS Module
• Satellite Navigation
• Portable Navigator
• Navigation System
• Telematics Box
• Car Multimedia

New Energy Car
• Gas Electric
• Fuel Cell Electric
• Diesel Electric
• LiIon Polymer
• Ultracapacitors
• Battery Management System (BMS)

Network Systems & Body
• FlexRay*
• Bluetooth*
• Safe-By-Wire*
• Central Body Module
• Lighting
• Wiper
• Power Window
• Retracting Mirror
• Dashboard
• Climate Control
• Keyless Entry
• Seat Control
• Park Assistance

Chassis & Safety Systems
• Active Suspension
• Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
• Electric Power Steering (EPS)
• Seat Belt Pretensioning
• Precrash
• Battery Disconnect
• Antirollover
• Stability Control
• Brake Control
• DC Power Supply
• Air Bag
• Radar

Powertrain Systems
• Automatic Cruise Control (ACC)
• Electronics Control Unit (ECU)
• Turbo Charger
• Selespeed*
• Transmission Control Unit (TCU)
• Battery Charging
• Injection

Littelfuse products are vital components in virtually every market that uses electrical energy, from consumer electronics to automobiles, commercial vehicles and industrial equipment. Our history of innovation, proven technical expertise and the industry's broadest and deepest portfolio of circuit protection products enable us to provide objective, comprehensive solutions for each customer's unique needs. We are also expanding into adjacent markets that complement our core business including power distribution centers for mining operations, generator controls and protection for marine applications, heavy-duty switches for commercial vehicles and electromechanical sensors used in the automotive industry.
Littelfuse is the preferred brand for leading manufacturers around the world, with more than 30 sales, manufacturing and engineering facilities and a global network of distribution channels.