Littelfuse Heavy Duty Time Delay Bi-Stable Relay

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CHICAGO, December 4, 2018 — Littelfuse, Inc.,the global leader in circuit protection, introduced the new Heavy Duty Time Delay Bi-Stable Relay for the commercial vehicle industry. This Heavy Duty Time Delay Relay is ideal for Construction, Military, Transit and Heavy Duty Trucks.

The Heavy Duty Time Delay Bi-Stable Relay disconnects the battery from the vehicle electrical system with voltage self-recognition. It has immediate switch ON, controlled switch OFF, programmable delay time, and service state managing (service switch OFF and switch ON). The Heavy Duty Time Delay Bi-Stable Relay has a non-volatile memory, low battery alert system, and is thermal protected.

This Relay has an amperage rating of 250A and has a 12V/24V voltage rating. Geoff Schwartz, Business Development Manager, Commercial Vehicles, at Littelfuse, said “This relay is programmable, and its delay time can adjust from 1 sec to 1 hour”. The Heavy Duty Time Delay Bi-Stable Relay fits well with Selective Catalytic Reduction Engines.

08070900 Heavy Duty Time Delay Bi-Stable Relay offers many benefits including:

  • Remote command line for normal working (switch).
  • Remote command line for SERVICE/EMERGENCY working (push button).
  • NORMAL/SERVICE mode selection with power down restore.
  • Immunity to dirty switches.
  • Lamp driving line for error/status signaling.

The 08070900 Heavy Duty Time Delay Bi-Stable Relay is available with a built in TE Superseal Connector and is UNECE R10 Rev05 Compliant. Sample requests may be placed through authorized Littelfuse distributors worldwide. For a listing of Littelfuse distributors, please visit

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